Rhoda's design center started many years before as a boutique in a small town in California's Central Valley. After raising her 7 children, she launched this new endeavor. Rhoda has always loved art.  She believes strongly that art is a pathway to expressing the very essence of who an individual is. This discovery can bring inner healing, a greater understanding of who we are and challenge the limits we set on ourselves.


Chickadee offers services in Artistic Painted Furniture, Home Interior Decor, and Do It Yourself Projects using our Custom Designs. Come visit the Design Center Soon. 


Along with a Design Center where she teaches the classes seen on this site and redesigns beautiful fine furnishings and home decor, she also is working hard to create a non-profit that seeks to bring art to children at little or no cost. 


Watch for a book that is underway and connect with her to help bring her vision to fruition of art for all.

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