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Van Gogh Goo’s (Side by side):

Ages 12 months- 19 months – 1 hour

A bonding class for parent/guardian, to create art, help tactile exposure, and social skills. Helps children learn about color, texture and experimenting with engaging materials.

  • Bonding

  • Tactile exposure 

  • Social skills

Mini Monet’s:

Ages 20 months -3 years – 90 Minutes

Helps children learn about color, texture and experimenting with engaging materials to learn with.

  • Fine and gross motor skill

  • Language

  • Social skill

Wondering Warhol’s: 

Ages 3-5 years - 90 Minutes

Helps develop school skills, fine motor skills, language, cognitive skills, and the ability to listen and follow directions.

  • School readiness skills

  • New language

  • Brain power

  • Creativity and imagination!

Painting Picasso’s:  

Ages 6-9 years – 90 Minutes

Focuses on developing skills, learning techniques and expanding self-confidence.

  • Artistic skills and craftsmanship

  • Knowledge of artistic styles and art history

  • Imaginative projects

  • Self-expression

Oh my! O’Keeffe:

Ages 10-14 – 90 Minutes

Offers learning artist an outlet. Help develop skills learn new techniques.

  • Social skills

  • New techniques


Homeschool Art Studio

All school ages- 7 weeks

Homeschool Instructors and Directors will collaborate for art project ideas and projects.  



Homeschool Art Studio:                       8 weeks.       $180 

(Family discounts available)


Van Gogh Goo’s:                                    Pop up’s        $25


Mini Monet’s:                                         5 weeks         $125


Wondering Warhol’s:                            8 weeks         $175


Painting Picasso’s:                               8 weeks         $175


Oh my! O’Keefe’s:                                 8 weeks         $175

General Pop Up                                                            $25


Scholarships are freely given to individuals & families, and 

individuals with disabilities (Amy’s V.I.P.’s) will enjoy art at no charge. Please inquire with Directors for more information.



$175 for 10 children, every additional child is $15

This includes use of the studio for 3 hours and 1 small art project per child. Hosts are to provide refreshments and are responsible for clean-up and providing child supervision. 

Classes Being Offered


Introduction to the Artists 

7 Week Class for Wondering Warhol’s, Painting Picasso’s, and Oh My O’Keeffe’s


8 week Class includes 

  • 90 minute lesson

  • 7 art lessons exploring different artists

  • 1 preparation day for gallery show

  • Gallery Show including Refreshments and professional photographer


Introduction to Mini Monet’s 


5 week Class for Mini Monet’s

  • 90 minute lesson

  • 5 Story times and art projects

  • Snacks

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